Eligibility to become a member

Article 1V:           Membership

Section A Qualifications for Membership and Registration

i) Membership into the organization shall be open to all Ebonyi persons above 18 years of age, upon the approval by general membership present at the meeting upon which the intended member presents himself/herself for admission.

ii) Without prejudice to (A) (i) above, membership of ESAC shall be voluntary and open to any person(s) of Ebonyi origin, either by birth, adoption, or marriage. The annual dues shall be $100 spread out throughout the year or a one-time payment of $100. Members will not be in good financial standing if the member owes dues from any previous financial year. To become a member, the interested party shall be present at any meetings of the organization, or any such other avenues as may be approved by the general membership; self-nominate to register, and follow the guidelines as stipulated by this constitution or as may be directed by the general house from time-to-time.

Section B                     Status of Membership

To maintain their membership, every individual member shall be required to:

(i) Pay an annual membership renewal fee as stipulated in Section A (ii) of this Article. Annual dues may be paid in one installment at the beginning of the year or prorated quarterly and be paid in 4 installments.

(ii) All registered members shall be required to attend at least 2 quarterly meetings of the organization in order to maintain their membership in good standing OR attended at least 50% of all meetings and events of the organization every year. A member shall be deemed delinquent if that member is indebted to ESAC of annual dues in arrears of a sum greater than the sum of its 50% of the annual dues and other levies in the current year.

(iii) For the purpose of benefit disbursements any member who is financially indebted to the organization, but who is deemed to be entitled to any benefits by virtue of 50% attendance shall have the amount of their indebtedness deducted at source before any monetary benefit or reimbursement is paid.

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