Ebonyi State Canadians Association Picnic Extravaganza: Unveiling of Unity, Joy, & Laughter.

In a delightful twist of fate, August 12, 2023, marked an extraordinary chapter in our community’s history as a simple park blossomed into a realm of enchantment, laughter, and connection, thanks to Ebonyi State Canadians Associations 2023 annual picnic. Our community picnic transformed into an extravaganza with a touch of mystery, as an electrifying masquerade swept attendees into a world of wonder and camaraderie. The enchanting community picnic unfolded like a masterpiece, weaving threads of connection, mirth, and unforgettable memories.

In the early hours of this day, the weather appeared bold with little or no smiles on its countenance, threatening the picnic activities with a touch down of heavy rainfall, yet at about 1.00pm when the picnic truly commenced, the sun rose in harmony with the excitement in the air, creating a festive atmosphere that immediately put attendees in high spirits. The red coloured T-shirts donned by the Ebonyi State Canadians adorned the scene with colorful whispers of welcome, beckoning our guests to embrace the day with high expectations of fun, avalanche of joy, and extraordinary shared experiences. From toddlers to elders, the picnic transcended generations, uniting us all in joy while adding a vibrant tapestry of energy and enthusiasm to the event.

A whirlwind of activities ignited the day’s energy, rivaling the sun’s warmth. The Igbo traditional highlife music rented the air repeatedly, transporting almost every attendee emotionally to the Igbo homeland, with extraordinary sense of connection with our ancestors. Osadebe and Oliver De Coque highlife music, in addition to Abakaliki dialect tailored songs made the event extraordinarily special. Participants danced for hours non-stop, with uncommon styles and swag. The event took an awe-inspiring turn when the masquerade made its unexpected entrance. In that remarkable moment, the boundary between the physical and the spirit world seemed blurred. The masquerade’s dance, a delicate interplay of movement and symbolism, further bridged the gap between the physical and the spiritual, inviting us to a communion with our real self, our identity, values, beliefs, and culture. It was a surreal and unforgettable experience that left an indelible mark on our hearts, serving as a vivid reminder of the intricate connections that shape our shared identity.

The MC’s role during the event was nothing short of artistic mastery. Amicable in his usual engaging and charismatic presence added an extra layer of excitement, keeping the event’s momentum alive, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with all, ensuring that every moment flowed seamlessly, leaving attendees thoroughly entertained and turned the picnic into a truly mesmerizing experience. Furthermore, the MC showcased his exceptional versatility by blending general Igbo language, Ebonyi/Okposi dialects with English language to engage his audience while orchestrating an Igbo language speaking competition that truly engaged the children. This ability to connect with the children in their native language added a unique and heartwarming dimension to the event, fostering a sense of cultural pride and enjoyment among all involved.

A tantalizing array of delicacies graced the picnic tables, offering a delightful journey through our culinary heritage. From the savory richness of abacha and ugba to the succulent flavors of chicken and steak, each bite was a celebration of taste and tradition. Corn and coconut brought a touch of natural sweetness, while the comforting familiarity of akara added a touch of nostalgia. To quench our thirst, an assortment of drinks stood ready, perfectly complementing the diverse flavors that united us all. Above all, with cola nut and bitter cola, we prayed and invited the Chukwu-Ukwu and our ancestors to the event. Their presence were noted and appreciated as they ensured that the activities of the day played out hitch-free. Undoubtedly, the most enchanting aspect of the picnic was the harmonious unity displayed by all Ebonyi Canadians. As our hearts and hands synchronized in a symphony of purpose, the collective effort to create an unforgettable event was truly heartwarming. This seamless collaboration, where each individual’s dedication intertwined to craft a superlative event, showcased the unbreakable bonds that define Ebonyi spirit and made the occasion an extraordinary success. Behind the scenes, countless individuals worked tirelessly to orchestrate this grand celebration friendship and faith, reflecting the shared commitment to creating a memorable experience. Though names were not called, your dedication and efforts formed the foundation upon which the 2023 picnic success was built.

The Ebonyi State Canadians picnic stands as a remarkable testament to the power of community, unity, and shared experiences. The day was painted with vibrant colors of laughter, camaraderie, and cultural pride, reflecting the diversity that defines our community. From the engaging activities that brought generations together to the tantalizing feast that celebrated our culinary heritage, every moment was infused with the spirit of togetherness. The event’s crescendo was the enchanting masquerade, a bridge between the seen and the unseen, the past and the present. Its unexpected appearance added a touch of mystique that reminded us of the depth of our cultural roots and the connections that transcend time. Through this, we were reminded that our community’s strength lies in the bonds we share and the traditions we uphold. As we reflect on this picnic, let us carry forward the unity, joy, and sense of belonging that defined the day. May the memories we created continue to inspire us, reminding us of the beauty that emerges when a community comes together with a shared purpose. This picnic has not only become a cherished chapter in our community’s story but also a shining example of what we can achieve when we stand united. With gratitude for the moments shared and the connections deepened, we look forward for the 2023 End of the Year Party and the next year’s picnic, bound by the memories of this extraordinary day.

Chimaobi Irem

ESCA Member

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