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Ebonyi State located south-eastern is inhabited and populated primarily by Igbo people with Abakaliki as the capital city. Ebonyi is called the salt of the nation” for its huge salt deposit at the Okposi and Uburu Salt Lakes The state also has large deposits of crude oil and natural gas untapped and also endowed with deposits of several solid mineral resources. However, it is primarily an agricultural producing region. It is a leading producer of rice, yams, potatoes, maize, beans, and cassava. Rice and Yams are predominantly cultivated in EDDA and is actually the bread basket of the nation.

There are nine major first languages (Igbo Languages) spoken in Ebonyi State: Afikpo, Mgbo, Izzi, Ezaa, Ikwo, Kukele, Legbo, Mbembe, and Oring. These languages are all subgroups of the “Igbo language” like Ikwere, Abakaliki, Etche etc spoken by all Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria.

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